"Coincidence is a method by which angels secretly
perform miracles"

It must have been an angel who sent me this idea.
It all began on a hot August afternoon as I coincidentally walked through Munich's oldest cemetery and
found myself standing before an angel statue. My eyes opened and I saw this statue in a totally new way.
It was so beautiful, so noble looking, and her eyes - such a knowing. I could feel my heart pounding and
pulled out my camera.

This became the first of many Munich Angels photos. I found them on bridges and fountains, on churchtowers and cemeteries, on house façades and in front yards.

My angel thought it would be a fine idea to add poems to my pictures.
I began looking and found angel wisdom from St. Augustine to Plato, from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Mother Teresa,
from the Bible to the Koran.

I started creating angel calendars, cards and framed pictures using them as gifts.
Soon, many requests came in for my work.

Angels both human and divine have blessed me each step along the way through coincidences  and miracles in abundance. And so I dedicate this work to all angels, visible and invisible, with heartfelt gratitude for their wisdom
and support in our lives.

The Angels of Munich are supporting social projects and institutions.


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